The end of a very long semester

Finals are over! How wonderful is that statement right there? SO indescribably wonderful! I was ready for this insanely busy semester to be over in September, and now it finally is! I even managed to bet a B in that awful stats class. Finals week tends to mess up normal life, including what you eat. There is absolutely no time to cook or go grocery shopping during finals week, or even time to eat for that matter, and I recently realized a trend in the sorts of things I ate in about 2 days:

Breakfast: Chocolate pop tarts
Lunch: 2 slices chocolate mousse cake
1 bottle chocolate milk
Midnight snack: Guittard milk chocolate chips
Hold-me-over to dinner: double stuf oreos smothered in peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies
To snack on in the testing center: Chocolate covered pretzels

There is a ton of other junk food that I ate between all of those, but I couldn’t believe how much CHOCOLATE I evidently craved and eaten all week long. My body is now craving vegetables and just a regular well-rounded warm meal since I’ve been depriving it from anything resembling healthy food all week long. Healthy food takes time to make, which there is none of during finals.

Also, to add to my terrible habits during finals, I put movies on while I paint to occupy my mind and I think I went through at least six movies this week and one book on CD. There were a lot of paintings to do.

And here are the products of my first semester learning how to oil paint:

I know, he has no eyes, which is kind of creepy but the class period ended before I could put them in, but I liked his pose and what he was wearing.

My desk in the middle of our living room after the last painting was done (and you can even see some of the movies on the floor that I watched while I painted).

I know, this is a very random sketch, but I kind of like the idea of it.

And now we are on the plane at this VERY minute (using the wifi for free because it's holiday season) on our way to Wisconsin for Christmas!

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