This post is about Adam and his accomplishments

The love of my life

Sometimes I ask Adam what I should write about on my blog and he usually tells me that I should write about him. “My name is in the blog address too!” Is how he usually backs up this argument. He says that I should write about him playing intramurals, but what exactly am I supposed to say about that? “Adam sure knows how to kick a soccer ball pretty dang well”-- yeah, I don’t know how well that post would go, I don't have a clue how to make sports sound fascinating.

Last year's amazing intramural football team

But this past week Adam did something amazing and incredible and definitely blog-worthy (not that playing intramurals isn't blog-worthy, but this is a little easier to talk about than intramurals). After three and a half years of attending BYU, one semester short from graduating, Adam Jones checked out his first ever book from the BYU library. He kept telling me that he “rented” a book from the library, which goes to show how often he engages is this sort of activity, because renting is what you do when you go to the video store. And he actually did not check out just one book, but NINE! Nine whole entire books.

The BYU library

Shortly after Adam and I got married I was at the BYU library, with the usual armload of books to check out and I ran into Adam’s good friend, Kurt, studying at a table.

Kurt: What are doing with all those books?

Me: Well, checking them out, isn’t that what you usually do with books at a library?

Kurt: Oh, I’ve never checked out a book from here. And I highly doubt Adam has either.

Kurt. An accomplished student in the highly-competitive accounting program at BYU

I was in shock. My husband had never checked out a book from the library? But sure enough, when I asked him he got this confused expression on his face, like “why would I do that?” My question is, how does anyone get that far in college without checking out a book? That is an accomplishment, to be able to get passing grades without ever learning how to even find a book in the library.

On the other hand, this is how nerdy I am when it comes to the library: for fun I will go to the "oversized book" section of the library. Do you know why they are oversized? Because they are jam-packed with loads of colorful, beautiful pictures of foreign landscapes and architecture, art work, or photos of big events or catastrophes or rituals in other countries (National Geographic style)-- it's so cool! I used to spend Friday nights in high school at Borders bookstore reading. I would stay until it closed at 11pm. To this day I drag Adam to the bookstore for occasional dates. Yeah, nerdy.

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