Raspberry soup and peanut butter mudslide cake

I work at a cafe at the Museum of Art on BYU campus. It is a super yummy cafe. I know, I work there so maybe I'm biased, but really it is so good! They didn't even pay me to say that. I found some pictures from the MOA cafe website in order to tantalize your taste buds. Two of these pictures are of things we no longer serve there, but their replacements are just as yummy looking, if not yummier.

Teriyaki fruit salad

My favorites: a chilled raspberry soup (many of the employees there rave about this soup, and many customers as well), a turkey harvest croissant sandwich (with thinly sliced apples and a cinnamon, orange cream cheese sauce on it--pure yumminess!) and the peanut butter mudslide cake. The sun dried tomato, basil and cheese panini is pretty fantastic as well! So, if you are ever on campus and wondering where to eat, the MOA cafe is definitely a good option, and I would love to see a familiar face. It is open Monday-Friday 11am-2pm. I am always there during its open hours. One warning: the cafe is on the pricier side, so maybe come by when you have a little extra cash to spend, but it's worth the extra cost if you are looking for fresh and incredibly delicious food!

We don't serve this anymore, but it sure does look good

California citrus salad


  1. i had no idea you were working there! i might have to stop by and visit you! i used to eat at the moa so much freshman year.

  2. Ah! I didn't know you worked there! I shall have to come visit you!! And oh my gosh you've made me soo hungry!!

  3. I've had the raspberry soup and it is awesome! I miss being your visiting teaching companion! How are you?