A blue apple on a jar

So I am learning to oil paint this semester, and it is intense. I have at least two paintings due at the end of each week (which is why my blogging has been lagging lately, every moment of my time is dedicated to trying to learn how to oil paint). My first oil painting was absolutely hideous, I won't even show it to you. Here is the second out-of-class painting I had to do. The critique is on Thursday and I'm sure I will be told a ton of things to do to make it better, especially the bottom of the painting needs some help, but I was kind of proud of myself for managing at least this for my second painting. (Sorry, this picture has pretty bad glare).
My favorite things to draw, though, are unrealistic-looking things, like stylized people and objects, which is one reason I love working for Laura Nash, because it gives me a chance to draw that way. Laura recently designed this very cute and classy skirt that I did an illustration for. I love the style of this skirt! It seems just like something that Audrey Hepburn might wear. In fact, I was so convinced she would wear something like this I googled it and found proof.


  1. Nice oil painting, Annie! I love that you kept the reflection of your lamp in the jar. That's my favorite part. Good job!

  2. Annie! That's a beautiful oil painting! Keep up the great work!