Boys will be girls

A month ago, the wonderful Laura Tait introduced me to THIS youtube clip and for some completely unexplainable reason I am now addicted to it. The weird thing is that I don't get addicted to things like this, ever; I don't have TV shows I'm addicted to or anything else like that, but this clip I have to watch at least every other day and each time I watch it I die laughing. I'm pretty sure Adam got sick of it the thirtieth time I watched it but I still find it downright hilarious. You might not find it quite as funny as I do, but just in case you find it even slightly amusing, I had to post the link. The facial expressions are my favorite. And quotes like, "You want to split an ice cube or something? Just a small one? Or we could just drink the run-off."


  1. Hahaha - I watched it - loved it - and now i think I will go have a hun cal pinkberry, or inhale a large gust of wind for a snack

  2. PS- Oooo I'm on your Blog List- I feel so special