Gowns By Laura

I work for a lady named Laura who started her own company, Gowns By Laura. She designs gorgeous vintage gowns. She makes patterns of her gowns and other fashions and sells them online. I draw illustrations of the dresses and she puts them on her pattern packaging. I absolutely love drawing fashion design, especially Laura's dresses because they are incredibly gorgeous! Here are some drawings I've done for her. I started drawing for her before I got into the Visual Arts department at BYU, and it's interesting to see how different the illustrations I've done since I started the program are from the ones I did before.

Most recently I illustrated a shirt that she designed. This shirt that can be a maternity shirt or a non-maternity shirt as well.

This is Laura:

And here are some of her beautiful dresses. Can you believe she DESIGNS these? The ideas for these gowns come out of her head! So amazing.

You can order patterns for some of her dresses here.

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