My uncle Moki, the photojournalist

I have an uncle named:
(We call him Moki)

Who is married to the most beautiful girl from Chile, named (her name is in the picture, in case you didn't catch that):
And he travels around in a vehicle called the Gypsy Rose, with fairy seat-covers, outer-space curtains, and a piano in the back:
And he is a photojournalist, and he is VERY good. He travels throughout the whole world and takes incredible pictures, like this:

Check out his website here.

And now, onto far mushier things:

So I have had this favorite color for maybe three months now, that greyish greenish light blue color I’ve mentioned before. I really love this color and try to somehow incorporate it in any art piece I can. Well, the other day I was talking to that cute boy I got married to and I was staring adoringly into his eyes (I know, this is getting wonderfully cheesy!) and I suddenly realized something that I had completely missed for months-- my favorite color right now is the color of my husband’s eyes! I am sure that that is not a coincidence, I am sure staring into his eyes for all this time has made me fall in love with that color, but I have no idea why it took me several months to realize that his eye color was the same thing as my favorite color! You are probably dying with how insanely sappy this all is, but isn’t that cool? It’s cool, even if you don’t want to admit it, it’s very cool!

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