My current favorite, for right now

I think if you ask any art major what their favorite color is, it is highly unlikely that they will give you a solid, straight answer, like "blue." It is more likely that they will say "I don't have a favorite color" or "My most recent favorite color is..." or "I like this kind of greenish blueish grey color right now, and also this orangy red, like a poppy red, and also this avocado green, and also..." Asking an art major for a favorite color is like asking a parent who their favorite child is; art majors work with color every single day and have unexplainable passions for certain colors. It's also the same if you ask them who their favorite artist is. I think it is rare for an art major to have just one artist that they love (correct me if I'm wrong, which I might very likely be). They kind of go through fits passion for whichever new artist they have just discovered. My latest love affair with a particular artist's work is with Lisbeth Zwerger's work. I LOVE her work! She illustrates a lot of fairy tales. I love the patterns she uses throughout her pieces and the whispy look of the hair, and the small heads with the huge bodies, and the queen's castle and tree crown in the sixth picture down. And I love the colors in the last picture with the poppies because those colors in there are two of my favorite colors right now!

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