I like to think that I'll one day be this good at art

I am taking a history of illustration class right now and it is absolutely glorious! We spend the entire class period looking at the most gorgeous art pieces. Here are some that I am in love with (I'm sorry they aren't bigger, I just use whatever I can find online!)

First: Edwin Austin Abbey

Cordellia’s Farewell. King Lear has just disowned his daughter, Cordellia, dividing the rest of his possessions between her two sisters, who gained their father’s approval through lies and deceit, and in actuality consider their father an old fool. Cordellia is the one being pulled away by the Kind of France, who is kissing her hand. Someday I will have this piece in my house.

The Penance of Eleanor, Duchess of Gloucester

And now some of Coles Phillip's fade-away girls:

There are no edges to the dresses, but you can tell right where the edges are.
Mucha's art nouveau:

Jacob Lawrence

I think this is Disney's Mary Blaire:

This is definitely Mary Blaire:
James Christenensen:
I have no idea who this is, but I love this piece!
I mean, what on earth do you think is going on in it? This girl is floating down to some hats on sticks! But the image has a very content, dreamy feel to it!
Jack Vettriano:
What I like about this piece is that you can't see their faces, it's completely anonymous, so the viewer can put him or herself into it and be any of those people. I like that the dancers are in their own world, with no other cares, they don't even notice the rain.

Kay Neilsen:

And then of course, JC Leyendecker. I cannot get over how fabulous he is! Think he looks like Norman Rockwell? Rockwell began his career copying Leyendecker's stuff, which was definitely a smart thing to do when you see how lovely Leyendecker's work is!
The Arrow Collar Man, the guy depicted in the picture above and in a lot of Leyendecker's other work for the Arrow Collar company, got more fan mail and pleas for marriage than any other movie star or famous person at that time-- crazy! He's not even a real person!

This Leyendecker piece looks a lot like Rockwell


  1. I love love love mary blair. they have some disney story books with the illustrations she did for the movies as the art. the peter pan one is my favorite! love the blog!

  2. Sounds like such a cool class!