Continuing on with our Christmas Vacation of Happiness and Joy

^E's babies watching her eat breakfast because there's nothing she likes more than an audience.
Ewok child.
 ^This picture cracks me up.
Somehow, the words "beef 'n' veggies" totally fit with that round face!
  My dad took all these pictures at Temple Square and I think they are gorgeous!
 ^Ella was a shepherd in the nativity at my uncle's house, except she was much more interested in the baby dolls than in any sheep and she kept stealing Baby Jesus and running off with him (much to Mary's concern), exclaiming, "Oh! He's Sad!" 
I think she said that because the doll's eyes were closed and she has a book at home that has a little boy with closed eyes who is crying because he's sad and apparently she connected the two.
 "Food, Baby? 
Said Ella at the tea party with her babies.

Meanwhile, Fenton was studying up on how to defeat everyone in Seven Wonders.
See below for an explanation as to what on earth is even happening in these pictures.

One thing I left out of the first post about Christmas vacation was the curse of stomach flu that hit us all and left us laying only partially conscious on the couch and watching Toy Story on repeat with Ella with a box of Saltines in hand.
It was awful.
Three people woke up with it on Christmas Eve, two more people were struck on Christmas, one more person bit the dust on Boxing Day and then a couple of days later, when I thought we were safely out of the epidemic, I was struck down.
That means multiple days where all of us did almost nothing when we were supposed to be partying away.
But at least Fenton didn't get it, that's what I was praying for, because it is the saddest when a tiny baby is in pain.
What is it with the flu hitting on Christmas?
Last year when we were having Christmas with Adam's family almost everyone got it then too.
Nothing like vomit to mix in with your holiday cheer.
But one thing that we could still do while feeling so awful was play games, which we did and it was wonderful!
Games are the best because it's such a fun way to interact with everyone and get talking and laughing.
The games we played on repeat were Who What Where and Times Up, although we did have a round of Liar's Dice and Seven Wonders in there too. 
In Times Up there is a round of charades, which explains the strange and wonderful poses in the pictures above.

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