This past week we were in the Salt Lake City area to attend my brother's wedding.
While we were there, we spent a day at Lagoon amusement park.
We would go on vacation to Utah most summers when I was growing up and Lagoon was always the highlight of my entire summer, I love that place.
So it was so fun to take Ella there and relive the thrill of Lagoon through a little girl's eyes.
She found it rather wonderful.
And it made it even better that my parents and my Aunt Leslie and her family were there with us. 
When I was little we would go with all my aunts and uncles and cousins and it was the best.
Oh yeah, and Fenton was there too and got to experience a few low-key rides like the log flume and the carousel.
He pretty much slept through the whole thing, which means it was a great experience for him.

Do you see where Ella got her deep blue eyes from?
From her beautiful grandma.

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  1. Look how cute and tiny you are Annie! Did you seriously just have a baby??Your family is so adorable!