Yellow Fall Leaves and a Few Books

Our library sells their old books for 25 cents a piece so we always make sure to check the book sale each time we pass through the library to see if there are any good ones to buy.
This last time we found 7 books with beautiful illustrations for a total of $1.75.
I love building a library of beautiful children's books.
After the library we took a walk in the fall leaves and played in the grass.
Adam's family just got into town last night and we've started baking the pies for tomorrow.
This is my favorite pumpkin pie recipe, in a graham cracker crust.
And I'm going to experiment and try this lemon sour cream pie recipe, also in a graham cracker crust.
There will also be raspberry cream cheese pie and a dutch apple pie and blueberry pie with a brown sugar topping and several cream pies.
And I'm thinking of trying this recipe for the rolls from OurBestBites.
And in case you need a taste of Thanksgiving tonight, we had these pumpkin milkshakes last night and we died it was so good!
Happy wonderful Thanksgiving!

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