This little girl who is always going places and doing things

Clip 1: Dancing and singing with her dada in the pantry. Love those feet kicks!

Clip 2: An activity that this little girl does everyday for a long time, just throwing that ball and chasing after it over and over.

Clip 3: We are this close to walking. If she only had the courage to let go of things and just venture out on her own.

Clip 4: She scoots around on anything that will slide on the floor, metal containers, cardboard boxes, anything. And can you tell that the pantry is a favorite exploring spot? So many things to get into in there.

Clip 5: Repeat clip 2 but with a balloon this time. It keeps her occupied longer than any other activity (she just recently began doing activities by herself without needing to be entertained all the time, it's so fun to watch).

Clip 6: I just love this clip, running in endless backward circles (to the Somewhere in Time soundtrack). She can also crawl backwards as well, which I think is very impressive!

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  1. I loved this. I love it when babies entertain themselves and you get to just watch! It's so great.