The Girl With the Crazy Chicken Bow

We've been visiting the park a lot lately.
After Ella's first nap of the day, Ella and I get out of the house so that we won't go crazy.
Sometimes we run errands or meet Adam for lunch.
Sometimes we don't have anything that needs to get done so we drive to a random place downtown, pull out the stroller and just walk downtown, discovering hidden shops (which there are a ton of and we love exploring them), waving to joggers and cars and sometimes when we're really lucky our walk will end at the park and Ella will climb around and go on the swings and squeal in delight at all the kids.
That girl loves little kids so much.
Maybe she feels like she can relate to them because they are small like her.
She positively squeals when she sees them and giggles and laughs and crawls towards them as quickly as her little knees will take her so that she can grab their faces and try to poke out their eyes.
That's when I usually have to intervene and pull her away and try to interest her in a cracker.
She loves days where we just walk around downtown.
I've also been clipping bows in her hair a lot because they're just so dang cute.

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