She Liked the Ferris Wheel


We went to this amusement park in Green Bay where tickets cost 25 cents and each ride only takes 1-2 tickets to ride.
It's very cute and old-fashioned-like.
Ella wasn't too impressed by the rides, except for the ferris wheel.
She liked how we would hold our hands above our head and scream as we went down the wheel.
She really liked crawling in the grass at the park.
It's too hot where we live to sit out on the lawn and so she doesn't get to crawl in the grass very often at home, so she's been loving it here.


  1. That is it, I will never have kids, because there is no way that they will be as cute as Ella!!!

    1. Hahaha!! Camille, you are so nice! There is no way that your kids could not be cute because you are gorgeous!

  2. Love Ella's cute skinny jeans! What a fashionable babe!