Closet Refashioning

For the past couple of months I felt very anti-cute because although I had a closet full of clothes, I had nothing to wear.
You know when you look at your closet in the morning and you don't feel like wearing any of it?
Oh how awful first world problems are!
Okay, so obviously this was hardly a life crisis, but I really wanted to feel cute when Adam came home from work to his wifey-wife.
But going shopping wasn't really an option, so I thought I was just stuck with wearing the same outfits over and over.
That is, until I stumbled upon the world of closet refashioning.
And my world has been turned upside-down!
You guys, I wore a different cute outfit three days in a row this week-- whoa!
That hasn't happened in such a long time, where I felt cute that many days straight.
So, I knew about refashioning clothes, obviously, but I didn't realize how many blogs are dedicated to doing that and how easy it is and how exciting the results are.
Seriously, you guys, everyday I wake up excited to wear the new outfit that I just refashioned and coming up with new plans for the next refashioned outfit.
So I thought I would share with you the blogs and links I found that helped me find this beautiful refashioning world.

It all started with my friend, Caroline, who pinned a link on Pinterest to a fashion blog called Putting Me Together.
This really is the best place to begin because this girl does not remake clothes to spice up her closet, instead, she focuses on looking at what is already in your closet and finding new ways to wear them that makes them look totally different.
She has a series of 5 posts called Building a Remixable Wardrobe where she talks about all the different ways you can wear clothes you already have.
This is an awesome series of posts and takes zero crafting or sewing skills, it just requires you to look at your closet in a new way, and she helps you do it. 
The rest of her blog builds around this idea of mixing and matching clothing you already have.

She just used the same top and wore it in 9 totally different looks.
Awesome, huh?

So, that blog got me looking through my closet and weeding out things that really could not be worn in a new way because they simply didn't come close to fitting me or had some other problem, and that's when I came across this blog, called Merrick's Art.
I had seen pins from her blog on Pinterest, but I had never actually looked through her blog before, and let me tell you, it is fabulous!
Merrick argues that most items of clothing that you just don't wear anymore can be refashioned into something new and wonderful that you will wear all the time and it takes very little effort.
Here is a link to an article she wrote for Modern Mom, where she talks about what to look for in an article of clothing that would be ideal for refashioning and she has links to lots of her tutorials.
And here is the link to the actual list of tutorials on her blog.
She has tutorials on how to make any pair of pants into skinny pants, how to take a dress or a shirt that looks drab and loose-fitting on you and make it look amazing, how to decorate shirts in different ways, and even a tutorial on how to take a shirt of your husband's that he no longer wants, and making it into an adorable and stylish shirt for you.
She also shows you how to sew very simple clothing from scratch, like pencil skirts and maxi dresses.

Do you realize what this means?
You can now shop at any store, in any section and as long as you like the fabric of the article of clothing, you can make it into something amazing that fits you beautifully!
So thrift stores can result in tons of fabulous finds for hardly any money.

Those blogs are my two basics.
But the hunt for refashion blogs doesn't end there, because both blogs have links to other blogs that are about refashioning, just look under their blog links tab at the top of their blogs.

Some blogs they mention that I liked were 
Finds fashion pins on Pinterest and finds things in her closet that are similar and imitates the look with things she already owns, which helps her figure out ways to wear things she already has in new ways
Greater Than Rubies
She and her friend have given themselves the challenge of not being a single new item of clothing or a single accessory for an entire year but they have to wear a different outfit every single day, they can't wear the same outfit twice in a year.
This forces them to imagine new ways to mix and match all of their clothes.
She has a list of blogs that focus on "remixing, reworking, and refashioning" your wardrobe and a link to her Pinterest refashioning board, it's a good list and a good board.
Cotton and Curls
Lots of awesome tutorials for refashioning and making easy clothing from scratch.
She has a tutorial for this super easy pencil skirt that I am dying to make! 

Okay, just kidding, I was going to make this list longer, but really, if you look at the links on Merrick's and Audrey's (of Putting me Together) and Caitlin's (of Greater Than Rubies) blog lists, you'll find a ton of good blogs for refashioning.
But there's a good start. 

Pinterest has tons of pins with link to blogs that are refashion blogs.
Here is the refashioning board I started with ideas for more ways to refashion shirts and cardigans and shoes.
Many of those pins lead to blogs that have even more ideas, so the list is endless.

An example of one of the pins-- refashioning a cardigan.

So have I got you hooked?
I hope so!
And if you were already hooked, do you have any refashion blogs that you follow and love? 
I want to hear about them if you do!

This is from Frills for Thrills, where she uses what she has in her closet to imitate looks she sees on Pinterest.

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  1. Great Post! Now we want to see photos of how you have refashioned your wardrobe!