Four Years Ago Today

I was in Romania with these wonderful girls 
(and Elisa, who isn't in these pictures because she was home sick that day)
And they asked me what I wanted to do on my birthday
And while we were riding on a train somewhere I sketched a picture of what the perfect birthday would look like.
And the girls decided that for my birthday we would reenact the picture.
We got all dressed up, (which was a rare thing to get to do in Romania, we mostly wore scrubs there)
And the girls tried to dress similarly to what they were wearing in the drawing, even down to how their hair was styled.
They bought a kite for me, just like in my drawing
(which I sadly had to leave in Romania because I went backpacking through western Europe with my dad immediately after leaving Romania and I couldn't bring much with me)
And they got all the makings for sandwiches, just like in my drawing
And we went on the hunt for the perfect park to have our picnic.
I've had a lot of amazing birthdays, and this one was one of the very best.
I couldn't believe the lengths these girls went to in order to exactly reenact the picture.
I still have the little hair pins and jewelry and other things they gave me for my birthday that day and I think about those girls every time I wear them.

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