Bum-scooting champ

That wonky-toothed girl has become a bum-scooting champ.
She drags her body all over the house and explores everything she can get her hands on.
She loves her life so much right now.
She keeps herself entertained for so long just crawling in circles around the coffee table and the ottoman, until she gets stuck and needs to be rescued.
And she can hold the downward dog position like no one else's business, bum in the air, balanced on her tiny toes.
I let her get into the diaper and wipes and blankets corner of the bedroom and throw everything around because why stop her from exploring, especially when it would take less than five minutes to clean up?
After several minutes of listening to the destruction occurring in that corner of the room, I glanced over and saw her on her back, everything strewn about and her leg kicking the diaper disposal bag and her arm hitting something plastic and grinning from ear to ear with how exciting it was to make so many noises at once. 
That moment of joy made it totally worth cleaning up that mess later 
(um... actually I haven't cleaned it up yet. Maybe tomorrow.)
Sometimes we throw her bits of food and she scoots over to it and eats it, and then we throw another piece of food and she scoots over to it and eats it. 
It's almost like we have a dog.
That's how we keep her quiet in church.
Hey, whatever works, especially when she hasn't had a nap in several hours, she doesn't know how to fall asleep in my arms anymore, three hours of church with zero naps is hard.
We do what it takes to keep her happy and not screaming.
We take turns sitting in the hall or foyer with her and the rest of the parents who have children who are up way past their nap time. 

I have pictures of her in that corner of the room, loving the noisy chaos she is causing, but I haven't loaded them on my computer yet and it's late, so they'll have to be on another post. 
So you get these random other pictures instead. 

That picture in the middle of her grinning with Adam-- oh man, I love it!

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