3 birthday desserts and cheese fondue

When Adam was growing up, his mom would write a happy birthday note for him on the mirror with soap and now he does it for me!
So that's how the day started, with that sweet note.
When he got home from work the rest of the celebration began.
You know how I really like desserts?
What I wanted to do for my birthday was eat a small dinner and then go to three different restaurants and eat three different desserts.
So at the first restaurant we shared a yummy cheese fondue appetizer and then we each got a creme brulee.
The next restaurant served water in goblets and had such a cool atmosphere.
I got a gooey chocolate cake with handmade peppermint ice cream and Adam got a variation on white chocolate cheesecake (pictured beneath this big fondue picture, with Ella next to it, isn't that such a cool way to have cheesecake?) 
The final dessert was at a cupcake shop that we love, we got cupshakes there (a cupcake blended in with vanilla ice cream). 
Oh my heavens, the whole evening was wonderful! 
We took our time at each restaurant, soaking in the atmosphere and chatting about this and that.
Ella loved all the foods as much as we did and was very well behaved
(although we certainly left behind a little graham cracker crumb trail behind us at every place that Ella sat).

The End.


  1. Hahaha! How cute! I love restaurant hopping but I've never done it dessert style! I totally need to do this! Happy Birthday Annie!!

  2. cupshakes!?! holy moly, why have I never had one of those in my life. Sounds divine! xoxo

  3. oh gosh, absolutely love that he carried on the tradition and wrote you a soapy note on the mirror. too precious! happy birthday, girl! all of this food looks absolutely perfect!!!!
    xo TJ