A video about being a dad

A video where my dad talks about how much he loves being a dad.
He made this for me when I was pregnant with Ella.
I just think it's beautiful.

We had a special Father's Day lunch and dessert for my dad and for Adam. 
My life would be so very different if either of them weren't in it and it wouldn't be nearly as wonderful.


  1. I loved that video your dad made. I teared up watching it. It was beautiful, (and you were so cute!)

  2. What a beautiful video. I am humbled to know that my son is privileged to be married to a beautiful young lady raised by such a righteous and loving father (and mother). As I watched the video and saw all the pictures I was thinking, this father (and mother) were raising that little beautiful girl to be the wife of my son. It is humbling to see. Thank you Carl and Lisa Curtis for loving your children so much and raising them to love God. Thank you for allowing my son to marry your daughter who surely is a priceless gem.

    1. We love Adam and are so thankful for him! Thank you for your kind words.