Oregon in an Instagram Nutshell

1:: The Girl didn't especially appreciate how much driving we had to do to get to the family reunion. 
When she wasn't sleeping she was crying in the car, so sleeping was good.

2:: We just stay in these cabins nestled between trees at the reunion

3:: Playing brain puzzles in the car on the drive

4:: A quick stop at H&M on the way to the airport to get 1 year old clothes for Ella

1:: She was adored and she loved it

2:: Bo becoming one with nature

3:: That floor color with that color of pants-- love it

4:: With the 40 degree weather difference between here and Oregon, I was so excited to get to dress Ella in stockings and sweaters

1:: Just a cool house, out in the boondocks of southern Oregon

2:: Love the pattern of that linoleum floor (but you can't really see it too well in that picture)

3:: We have a night during the week at the reunion called the Ice Cream Pig-Out. My passion for ice cream came from that side of the family and the Ice Cream Pig-Out is a very serious event. Enough ice cream is bought for each person to have about 1/4 gallon of ice cream and tons of toppings.

4:: Sweet Pea and her daisy on a bench


1:: Two pieces of kitchenware that I think have been with my parents since before I was born. That measure spoon used to be the coveted cereal-eating spoon because it could hold so much cereal at once. The only problem was that with how deep it was, you had to suck really hard to get all of the cereal and milk out of it, making a really awesome and loud slurping noise. I think my mom banned us from using that spoon for cereal because the noise was just too much

2:: Maybe I just really like these pictures of Ella sitting on that bench

3:: She must have just barely been put back in her car seat for her to be smiling so big while in the car

4:: Noon  and I'm still in pjs and flip flops and standing amongst the daisies in the field because that's what we do at the Davis "Fam Re."

Don't even worry, we aren't even half way through the Oregon pictures, there will be more tomorrow. 

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