The Weekend

Over Memorial weekend we got to introduce Ella to a lot of people who have loved her since before she was born but had never actually met her before.
I was afraid she would get stranger-anxiety but she was positively basking in all the attention, she loved it!
She loved it so much she never wanted to sleep, which meant that by the end of the trip she was hugely sleep-deprived.
But that ended up working in our favor because she slept the whole drive home. 
And on the drive there she was so good!
Occasionally she would make quiet little moaning noises to let us know she wasn't thrilled about being locked into her seat for so long, but then I would just throw her toy or a bottle and she would be content again.
Also, I took a ton of pictures, but somehow I missed getting pictures of so many people!
Okay, seriously, this girl is in love with napkins.
She can spot a napkin a mile away.
And she does everything she can to get her hands on it so that she can stuff it into her mouth.
Pretty soon she is sitting in the middle of a large pile of torn, slobbery, chewed-on and disintegrated napkins.

That bottom left picture, that is just mine and Ella's stuff, all packed up for a mere two days vacation.
Holy cow.
One bag stuffed with bottles, another bag full of toys, another one with multiple outfits in case she pooped through a couple of outfits and then there's her entire bed that needed to be packed up and a stroller and car seat.
I had no idea how much stuff Ella needed in a single day until I had it all packed.

Also, Adam and his grandma introduced me to Words with Friends this weekend and now I am hooked.
Adam just scored a 39 point word against me and I am now losing, and I was majorly winning before, so things are getting intense.
Things are also getting intense in the two separate games that Adam and I are playing against his grandma.
She is really good at Words with Friends.
She has us both working hard to try and keep up with her high-scoring words.
I pretty much love that Adam's grandma will play that game with us.

And this wonderful couple introduced us to Draw Something.
That is an awesome game!
I drew a picture of Yoda and they guessed it before I even had drawn the lightsaber.

And then, of course, there's the good old fashioned games that you don't play on your phone, like croquet and hillybilly golf and Forbidden Island.

Basically, it was a wonderful weekend!

The End.

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  1. We loved seeing you guys, and loved meeting Ella!