A scooter-collared shirt

A few things Ella loves:

Fruit smoothies (pictured above in a glass jar because now that I've mastered instagram and photo collages, I've moved on to the trendy habit of drinking out of glass jars).
So eating healthy foods is not my forte; I have to trick myself into eating them and blending up a whole bunch of frozen fruit into ice cream-like deliciousness is one of the best tricks I've got.  
I do frozen strawberries, bananas, orange juice and sometimes frozen raspberries too, so it's 100% fruit-- yeah, we're talking really healthy. 
I make one almost every single day and I think they are wonderful.
So does Ella.
She gets upset if I take too long between giving her spoon-fulls.
And she growls as she dives toward the spoon.

She also loves grabbing EVERYTHING within arms reach and stuffing it into her mouth.
Yesterday we were running errands and got hungry while on the far side of town so we stopped to grab something to eat and it was a party at our table, let me tell you. 
Napkins and food were flying all over the place. 
As soon as I clawed out some disintegrated napkin from Ella's mouth, she immediately had another handful of napkins to stuff into her mouth in one hand and some food she had somehow grabbed from off the table in the other.
It took both Adam and me to keep everything out of her mouth.
At the end of the meal, Adam voluntarily went and got some cleaning spray and a washcloth from the front counter to clean our table so that one of the employees wouldn't be forced to clean up Ella's nasty napkin spit-wads stuck to the table and the lettuce that was everywhere. 

Although, seriously, this girl loves paper, whether it's napkins or the church program, she is all about eating it. Which is funny, since she refuses to eat canned baby food because she thinks it's gross, but she'll eat paper? Um, okay.

And another thing I love is this blog
I love it so much. 
I think the author is hilarious.

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