Maybe I just really like Instagram, okay?

Last week there were a couple days where I just never changed out of my pajamas.
I get so much done on those days because I save so much time by not getting dressed and putting on make-up and all that.
And Ella didn't care that I had raccoon-mascara eyes all day long.
Poor Adam, though, coming home from work to find me still wearing his gym shorts and having bed-head. 
But you have to have those days every once in a while.
Just not all the time.
But when you do have one of those pjs-all-day-long days, make sure to take a picture on instagram because it can make even your slumpy self look cute (see above picture).
You will look slumpy AND vintage, and vintage-anything is automatically cute.
That's how amazing instagram is.

On Saturday I actually did get dressed and Ella and I went to the Saturdays Market. 
I didn't buy this headband that's as big as Ella's head,
but it was cute enough to be worth a picture.
Especially an instagram picture, since instagram makes even enormous headbands look cute.
Okay, I'll try to suppress the instagram rants from now on.

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