8 Pictures 8 Things

When the guy at the cupcake store saw Ella and told us, "Good job, guys, you can breed again!" 
Thank you, kind man, for your permission.

How much she loves paper (as seen above by the way she holds the church program so tenderly to her heart, right before she stuffs it into her mouth).

Her uncle Seth says she's like a crane because she reaches out her arm and lets it rotate around her until it runs into something and then her fingers automatically lock onto it and will not let go until it has been brought back to her mouth to be chewed on. 

She likes to grab a lock of my hair and stuff it into her mouth along with her thumb and suck on it.
If I try and pull my hair out she grabs it again and re-stuffs it in her mouth with her thumb.
The ends of my hair get soaked. 
The things she eats are bizarre 

When she is laying on her back on the floor she holds her legs right above the ground so that they just hover there. 
She stays like that for a long time, never letting her little chubby legs touch the ground, they just hover a 1/2 inch above the ground. 
How are her thighs so thick if she works them out so much by holding them above the ground all the time? I don't even know.

She also rides an invisible bicycle with her legs in the air all the time, just peddalling away.

When Ella wakes up from her nap she makes happy little squealing noises to let me know she is awake.
I go in there and usually find that she has scooted into the very back corner of her bed so that she can play with the toys that dangle down in that corner.
I turn on the light and she has one hand clutching her dangling toys and a huge grin on her face.

Perfect moment: when she was sitting in my lap and I was singing her songs to lull her into sleep and she had my hair and her thumb in her mouth and she leaned her head against me and we just sat like that and I almost bawled my eyes out because I loved both her and that moment so much.


  1. Haha, I'm so glad the cupcake man gave you permission!
    I love the bathtub picture.
    Love that she works her legs/abs out and yet still has cute chubby legs.
    I Love how cool she looks in sunglasses.
    I don't understand why all babies LOVE to eat paper!

  2. What a cute post. #8 is my favorite...it makes me want to be a mom!