You know, just a post about geology because I know that's what you want to read about

And now for a random story that has nothing to do with anything: 

Back in the days when I was dating Adam, I took this geology class to avoid taking physics. 
I was pretty much dreading geology but it sounded a bajillion times better than physics. 

I took AP physics in high school and the hour I spent in that class every single day felt like I was in a torture chamber. 
In addition to the hour I spent each day in class, I had to spend my free hour in there working on my homework so that I could get help from my teacher because my brain refused to comprehend physics without outside help. 
And then I would go home and study physics all night long and wish myself to magically fall unconscious for the rest of the semester. 
When I scraped a B- in that class, I danced around for joy, tossed my physics book in the trash (well, actually I just returned it to my school because it wasn’t mine to keep, but I would have burned it if I could have) and promised to never make myself go through that torture again. 
Hence the geology class that I was now dreading. 

So it was a little bit crazy when a few weeks into the class I realized that it was 
I was shocked to find that I was really excited to attend that class and was sad that I didn’t get to attend the class every single day. 
Now don't go thinking that I had fallen in love with rocks, because unfortunately, I hadn't.
What I loved so much about that class was that the teacher was so in love with geology, he really thought it was the coolest thing in the world and he let us know it. 
He would start every class period with a question. If we were studying sedimentary rocks he would ask, 
“Sedimentary rocks! What’s not to love about sedimentary rocks?” 
And then he would continue to tell us what was so wonderful about them. 
When we got to the earthquake section of the class he asked, 
“Earthquakes! What’s not to love about earthquakes?” 
I remember looking around at my fellow students at that question, well, sometimes they kill lots of people and destroy homes and entire cities. 
I think the real question is, what is there to love about them?
 But then he would go on to tell us about how amazing they are and how they have shaped the earth.
And he was one of those teachers who throws random jokes into the middle of his lecture, but he would say them in the exact same tone as the rest of his lecture, so you had to really be listening to catch them and then when you heard them you would be the only one laughing because no one else heard it, but it was totally worth it because the joke was that funny.
I loved that class so much I made a batch of caramel brownies to share with the whole class because I have this thing where if I love something I feel a need to make it food.

Anyway, there is zero conclusion for this story, it was just on my mind, so I figured I might as well write it and throw it onto this blog with some pictures of this little girl who has kissable thighs.

Ella runnin' to the grocery store with me

Why is it that if people see a baby that isn't decked out in pink they automatically assume that it is a boy? 
 3 out of the 4 people that commented on how cute Ella was the other day called her a boy. 
And that happens all the time. 
I don't mind, especially since they are saying such sweet things about her, but it's interesting that that is the automatic response. 
I never correct them, I just let them continue to think that the baby with the purple polka-dot pants and flowered blanket is a boy.

And as a final note, this talk is just beautiful.


  1. Ok, that second picture? With the heart leggings and green striped shirt? Talk about voguing! Tyra would be so proud!

  2. Annie you are so funny. I love the way you tell stories.

  3. Well Annie, we put Samuel in purple polka-dots and flowering blankets all the time! ;)