That time when Ella's uncle drove 2 hours just to come and babysit her

Alright, you see the red-headed boy in this picture?
That is Adam's brother, Seth.
He is seriously amazing for many reasons and here is just one reason why:

He is a 22 year-old college student who is always busy and never lacking in finding fun things to do or people to hang out with.
Last night he took the 2 hour drive between where he lives and where we live and gave up his Friday night (that's an important part so I had to put it in italics) to babysit Ella while Adam and I went on a date.
Then this morning he got up, packed his stuff and drove back home so that he could go to work.
Did you guys get that?
He drove all the way up here just to babysit Ella.
And it was completely his own idea.
He just told us that he was coming up to babysit Ella so we should plan a date.
Um, whoa, right?
How does anyone ever luck out enough to get a brother-in-law like that?
I mean, holy cow.
Ella thinks he is absolutely wonderful.
She gets the biggest grin on her face when she sees him.
So she was pretty thrilled to have him as a babysitter.

And going out on a date with Adam was wonderful!
We ate dinner at this cute cafe and had some frozen yogurt of goodness for dessert.
And we just walked and talked.
We talked about the future.
But instead of the usual how-are-we-going-to-make-this-all-work talk that our discussions about the future have been consisting of lately, it was one-day-we will-do-this-and-that-and-it-will-be-awesome talk.
It was like back in the carefree days when we were dating.
We talked about little things that don't even matter, stuff that we don't usually have time to talk about. 
When I went to the little girls' room at the restaurant I stopped in front of the mirror to check my hair and put on lipgloss, elated that I had an excuse to do that.  

We split a BBQ chicken pizza and a panini

We stopped at a tie store to get my little brother a tie to match his prom date's dress for next weekend.  
And we tried on hats.

Then we came home to this girl and her uncle:

Conclusion: Dates are awesome
And so is Seth.

Thank you, Seth!

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