A Name For The Baby of Cuteness

Ella Jones

I had always said that I didn't want to name my kids after ancestors, I like the idea behind naming your kids after someone but I didn't want to do that with my kids.

So we originally started playing around with the name Ella when I was pregnant, just because we liked it. Actually, we were first playing around with another name that we really liked, but whenever we called the little kicking basketball in my belly that name it felt wrong. 
So then we started calling her "Ella" and it felt right, which surprised us that there was a right answer to what she should be named.

We were thinking pretty seriously about naming her Ella but weren't totally positive about it.
And then we went to Adam's grandparents' house.
While we were there, Adam's grandmother had us choose a quilt for our soon-to-come baby. 
She pulled out multiple beautiful quilts, all handmade by her.
But there was one quilt that she pulled out and right when I saw it I thought, "That's the one for Ella."
When I told Adam's grandma the one I loved the most she said, 
"That's the one I would have chosen for your baby too. The fabric for this quilt was given to me by Ella (Adam's grandpa's sister) and I made a large quilt for her with the fabric and then I had just enough left over to make this baby quilt."
Adam's grandma didn't know that we were thinking of naming our baby Ella and so when she said that we were taken by surprise by what she said about the history of the quilt and how Adam's great aunt Ella had had one just like it.

That's when we knew for sure that our baby needed to be named Ella.
And not just because we liked the name but because she was supposed to be named after her great great aunt Ella, who wasn't able to have children of her own.

Adam's grandma gave me a whole binder full of stories and pictures of Ella Jones who passed away several years ago.

These are some of my favorite pictures.
Isn't that picture of Ella at the top just beautiful?

And this is her husband, Robert.
He is so dashing!

And pictures from Ella as a little girl-- I love these so much!

That hat and coat with the large buttons

I want to draw this picture, her hair is so whimsical and that cute face

How did they get her little brother down after the picture?
And that wonderful hat that her dad is wearing!

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