Little Girl is on a blogging roll

My Grandma and Grandpa Jones got me a lime green Bumbo

And I love it!

Do you want to see my leopard print onesie?

Oh, Mom told me that I have to keep my squirrel sweater on.

Don't I look super grown up in this Bumbo thing?

Well, not when you look down at me like that.

I've been learning to do some really grown up things lately.
I got to suck on this yummy orange wedge that Mom gave me.

Oh good, Mom is getting some of my toys.


See how I can hold my toy like this? I couldn't do this like just last week.

I like to eat them. 

And I'm even grown up enough to get rid of this thing that Mom didn't put on right.

Fine, take it away, see if I care.

Love, Ella


  1. I am dying! These captions are hysterical!

  2. Hahaha I love this post! You captioned the pictures perfectly. LOVE it