4 months old is the best (so far)!!

Adam and I have decided that 4 months old is the absolute best age so far!
This age is so fun! 
And "fun" is not a word that I would have applied to Ella before now.
She doesn't cry very much-- she tells you things in an angry voice instead of crying and that is far better than screaming! (although she definitely does scream on occasion still).
She sleeps great at night and puts herself down for naps.
And she giggles and laughs and smiles all the time.
And talks and squeals.
And she is so curious about the world all of a sudden.
She wants to put everything in her mouth
And she likes tasting things
And wants to look at everything that makes noise
She can entertain herself for large chunks of time
The one thing that kicks her out of her happy groove is when her two bottom teeth start hurting her as they push up through her gums.
Or if my schedule forces her to push her nap time back and she gets overly exhausted.
It's so fun to daily watch her make new discoveries and see her eyes light up with excitement when she realizes new things.

I was certain that I didn't want to introduce any solids until she was 6 months, but her excitement at discovering new things made me super anxious to introduce her to new foods and see what she thought. She doesn't totally understand the spoon thing, she flicks her tongue in and out trying to get the yummy flavor off the spoon.

 Fast asleep after eating.

It's okay that we're a little bit obsessed with this hat on her.

This piece of tulle was given to me by Sandee Clark, she told me that tulle was one of her baby boy's favorite toys. Ella would probably agree with him, she loves sucking on it and just flailing it around with her chubby hands. The simplest things make the best toys.

That little collared shirt with the cardigan-- it is way too fun to dress her. 

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  1. SO fun Annie and Adam! Glad that it is getting better and better!