We're vlogging because it's fun and stuff

Ella and I thought we would give vlogging a shot because instead of typing everything out you can just talk to your computer and it leaves my hands free to hold Ella, which she especially appreciates.

This is about Ella and her three-month-old skills. 

It's kind of long and I don't even know what I'm talking about half the time but if there is anything worth watching in this whole vlog it is the wobbly-headed chunky girl in the front.

This video on chocolate lava cakes is pretty heavenly-looking-- I'm pretty sure that lava cakes are on the Valentines Day menu.
So is this (because butter makes everything taste good, even steak) or maybe I should try out a new recipe, like this one.

The last dinner I made that Adam raved about was this one.

And these pictures of Ella in her white dress might be some of my favorite of all time:


  1. Ella is adorable like her mom. Has there been more Bieber exposure yet? Is she still loving on him?

    1. Yes she does still love him! It was thanks to Jordyn's blog that I found that out over Christmas! It was one of those long nights where she was refusing to go to sleep and I was looking at blogs while she cried and cried and I got to Jordyn's blog and there was a Bieber music video and I started playing it and Ella started quieting down and so I just kept playing Bieber music videos until she fell asleep-- and that is a sure sign that she likes him if he is the only thing that could calm her down!