Finding Cheap Dates

The challenge we face each weekend is finding fun cheap date ideas.
The automatic answer used to be the dollar theater. 
But Ella doesn't allow us to go there anymore.
So we've been forced to find other ideas.
This past weekend we went to the library to check out several movies for free 
(I'm a little bit in love with Gilmore Girls right now, although, that's not what we watched on our date, but the library here has every single season-- yay for libraries!)
And then we went down the street to this wonderful cafe that sells their cupcakes for cheap after 7pm-- oh they are yummy!
Adam had strawberry creme and I had chocolate raspberry. 
And having Ella with us makes the dates that much more fun because we can take pictures of her and show her new things that she's never seen before and watch her reaction.  
Then we went home and watched the movie.

Tomorrow I'll post another cheap date idea.

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