Clips of Little Girl's Life

Some clips of Ella all compiled into one video.

Clip 1
 Ella loves that Daddy of hers. 
And she loves funny noises.
(Yeah, I know, the bed is missing it's sheets again. An awesome thing about having a baby: the sheets have to be washed 1-2 times a week with the amount of times that milk and poop seem to get on them, at least that's how it goes at our place. It's ridiculous. But sleeping in dirty sheets is gross, so I'm okay with washing them all the time to have them be clean.)

Clip 2
She was just hanging out with her dad and that's how he was holding her and it she was loving it.

Clip 3
Thumb sucking.
After she wakes up and we cuddle and giggle I put her in her pac-n-play with some toys and some music (Ella Fitzgerald in this clip) while I get dressed and talk to her. (Yes, her bed is in the closet. It's dark in there so she sleeps well in it. Plus she can imagine that she's Harry Potter). She doesn't have much interest in toys yet (except for this neon yellow snail that sings "you are my sunshine" she always smiles when she hears him singing that ridiculous song) but she loves sucking on that thumb and I just think her thumb sucking is so cute.

Clip 4
How much Ella loves watching sports.
We got home from church, that cute-faced boy was making dinner and the Super bowl was on and Ella laid there and just watched football for the longest time.
At one point she has this mini freak-out where it looks like she's lost her balance. She's been doing that since her two month immunizations but it used to be way worse. She would fling her arms out, her eyes wide with fear and she would let out this desperate panicked scream and gasp for air until someone rushed over and held her arms against her body and let her know she was safe. She would do it all the time. Now it's just occasionally and she's learned to calm herself pretty quickly.

Clip 5
Ella is skyping with her grandparents.
She hyperventilates to express happiness
(at least we like to think it means she is happy because she does it a lot).
(And please note how amazing it is that there is a sheet on the bed!)

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  1. Too cute. Thanks for posting this Annie! I feel like I actually know Ella a tiny bit and that makes me verrrrrrrry happy!! Miss you :)