Worst Momma Ever

That's how it feels right now, three days into sleep training.
Ella does not like sleep training (that is putting it very mildly).
She makes this very clear by screaming and crying for hours on end in the room that we have banned her to for nap time.
It's pretty traumatizing, listening to Ella's distressed cries at nap time. I call up my mom multiple times in a day to tell her how awful it is.
And to get back at us for our cruelty, Ella no longer sleeps through the night. She wakes up every few hours, demanding food.
The other night around 3am I sat up, which woke up Adam and he asked me what was wrong. 
"Ella is sucking on her hand. She's hungry."
Adam was quiet for a moment, listening, "You can hear that?"
Oh yes.
I can sleep through Adam's blaring alarm clock but the moment Ella starts softly sucking her hands I am instantly awake. 
My mom ears are amazing.

I would post more pictures but my computer is attempting to crash so I kind of can't.

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  1. Don't give up!! You are not a horribe mom, you're a GOOD mom for helping your daughter learn how to sleep better! It will be worth it in the end!