This pretty great invention

Okay, so maybe this is not the best invention EVER, but it's pretty great. So I bought this baby sling several months ago when it was on sale with the idea that I would use it when I went out and about; it never crossed my mind that it might be a good thing to use just around my home. Ella loves to held (especially right now with her cold that is making her little body hurt so much) and I could never put her down, even when she slept because she would immediately wake up when I put her down and start crying. It was a miracle if I was dressed for the day when Adam got home from work and it was tricky to find a chance to eat because putting together a sandwich with one hand is a little difficult. There are very few things you can do with just one hand, so I would get next to nothing done for the day (although, I made pretty good progress into the book The Help since reading can be done with one hand). That changed when Ella had spit up on every one of our sheets and I NEEDED to get the laundry done and you can't do the laundry with one hand. And suddenly I remembered the sling, so I whipped it out, just to see how she would like it-- she loved it! She fell right asleep, nestled in that sling, as I got the laundry and vacuuming done; yes, she even slept through me vacuuming, it was amazing! She doesn't love being in there for extended amounts of time but I can actually get a few things done during the day now like eat lunch and clean the messiest parts of the house before Adam gets home.

I got this sling from, they occasionally have sales on their slings. I got mine for free through a sale they had going on, I just had to pay shipping and handling, which was around $13.

One month old (last week)

She is already getting so much longer and plumper! I love her round belly and double chin!

In case you hadn't noticed, I love putting bows on her head! The trick to getting them to stick: I tried using honey but that didn't really work so well, so now I just glue them onto her head with Elmer's glue and it stays on great! It's water-soluble so we can just use water to get the bow off at the end of the day.

Her little neck is getting so strong!

Sometime I will try to post a video of the cute faces and noises she makes (if she will stop bursting into tears every time I pull out the video camera, although, even the faces she makes when she cries are heartbreakingly adorable).

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  1. Elmer's was the only thing that worked for me too! You look like you guys are doing great; I am happy for your new little one.