Pictures from this week

 Skyping with the grandparents

That belly!

He's just so cute carrying that diaper bag!

Crazy thing that Ella did this week: I woke up at 8am to the sounds of Ella hiccuping. I sat up and looked at her bed. She sleeps in a bouncer that sits in her playpen. She wasn't in her bouncer (see first picture below). So I looked around me to see if she was in our bed or if Adam had her cuddling with him. But she wasn't there either. I would have been panicking at this point but I could hear her hiccuping, so I knew she was okay, wherever she was. I scooted closer to her bed and finally saw a little hand waving around underneath her bouncer. She had somehow wiggled out of her bouncer and rolled underneath it and had been sleeping down there (see second picture below). I still cannot figure out how she maneuvered her little body down there. And then it hit me that I did not have to get up once in the night to feed her, she had slept the ENTIRE night without needing to be fed, that is AMAZING! She must not have even woken up when she rolled out of the bouncer. And she didn't even wake up crying from hunger, she woke up because she had the hiccups! Maybe we should just put her to bed underneath the bouncer every night (okay, not really).

What I saw when I looked in her bed this morning:

If you look under the bouncer this is what you see. She got underneath there all by herself, how on earth did she do that? She doesn't even know how to roll yet:

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