Gerard the Giraffe

Ella did not like that we dressed her to match her best friend, Gerard the Giraffe.
But I think she's especially upset that Gerard has trumped her in the crazy-patch-of-hair category.

Cool things Ella did this week:

She has started making little talking noises to get our attention.

And yesterday I was watching a video on a blog of a six-month-old baby playing and I realized that Ella had become very still and quiet; I glanced down at my lap to find her avidly watching the video with me! She rarely focuses her complete attention on anything (except for pooping, she puts 100% of her efforts into that, scrunching up her face, making loud grunting noises and vigorously kicking her legs) but this baby had her completely entranced.

Ella's first bottle. 
At first she was screaming with frustration because we kept sticking it into her mouth and she thought it was that silly pacifier that we are always trying to give her, but as soon as the milk started dripping on her tongue, she changed her tune.

From a few weeks ago:


  1. UGH I love these pictures SO MUCH!!! Ella is amazing. And Gerard's hair tuft is admittedly bigger than Ella's...but I'm sure she'll catch up soon enough :)

  2. I can't get over that first photo!!! Amazing! My roommates loved it, too! :)