Ella and Santa Clause


Thanks to so many family members coming to visit last month and stocking up our fridge we had extra money in our grocery budget to go out for breakfast yesterday morning! Breakfast is probably my favorite meal to go out for; I'm kind of in love with eggs benedict and Belgian waffles. 

Ella started getting fussy while we were there so we pulled her out of her car seat and all of a sudden all of the waitresses seemed to have an excuse to stop at or table so that they could look at Ella and tell us how tiny and adorable she was. A lady who does dishes in the back even came over, telling us that the waitresses insisted she stop her work to come by our table to see Ella.

(She fell asleep like this in Adam's arms)

Adam had the whole day off of work so he spent lots of time playing with The Baby of Cuteness.
He is all about rough and tumble play with Ella-- throwing her up in the air and bouncing her around-- I'm pretty sure she loves it.

(we had to take the sheets off the bed and throw them in the wash because Ella had a major spit up all over them right after breakfast)

We finished off the day with a trip to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. Santa Clause just so happened to be there as well and Ella told him everything that she wanted for Christmas.

And once again, the moment we pulled Ella out of her stroller, every person within a twenty-foot radius of us was immediately sucked in towards us, craning their necks to get a peek at Ella as she sat on Santa's lap and telling us how cute she was and telling us stories of their own children and grandchildren's experiences with Santa. I love people's reactions towards Ella! We think she's pretty dang cute so it's fun to see that complete strangers agree with us and just want to be near her. 

(Please note that Ella made it through majority of the day in ONE outfit-- that's AMAZING! No major poop or spit-up blow outs--woohoo!)

This morning Ella woke up with a cold, the poor girl can hardly breathe through her stuffy nose! So we will be cuddling with her lots today.

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