One Week Old

A week already?! What?! I never tire of staring into her beautiful face and hearing her sweet coos and grunts. One of my favorite things is when I pick her up and she turns her head towards me and starts sucking the heck out of my shirt-- it's hard to mistake what she wants.

The Lovely Marnaloah came to visit this weekend. She made this cute-o quilt for the Baby of Cuteness-- aren't the colors gorgeous?

We went on a walk through this cute little town close to where we live. This fruit stand sells the yummiest produce!

Baby Girl with Grandma Jones. 
The reality of what I went through a week ago finally hit my body-- I was wiped out on the couch, watching Disney movies all day long, only getting up to change and feed Ella-- I didn't have the energy to do anything else. Luckily Patrice (Grandma Jones) was here to make sure I got food and to hold Ella while I was zonked out.

Grandma Jones calls her "Little Peanut," which is exactly what she looks like here!

On her "blue bed" to cure her jaundice.

My pumpkin got all shriveled in the sun-- I think it looks like a cranky old man with a loose tooth.

So this new blogger layout is way different than before, but I think I kind of like it. I'll see how it works out.

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  1. Annie. Ella is so freakin cute. I seriously am obsessed with her--possibly in a creepy way. I'm not sure how creepy yet, but I have the potential to be quite creepy. Also you look AMAZING!! I miss you lots.