She has chubby cheeks!

So much for her measuring four weeks behind schedule-- she's already eight pounds and has a big head (which she had little chance of avoiding with her genetics). If she waits to come until her due date she could be ten pounds by then! The ultrasound lady said to be ready for her to come any day now. However, that does not mean she won't decide to come late. Knowing how big she is, I'm starting to think that October 27th would be a perfect birthday!

Her hands were playing with her toes and she was making funny faces at us throughout the whole ultrasound! Usually at this point the baby is so tightly packed in that it's hard to see the face but she not only let us see her cute face but she put on quite a show. And the ultrasound lady said that she has chubby cheeks!

Ready to see some ultrasound pictures?

Here is a picture of her little chubby-cheeked face straight-on:

This next picture is tricky to see but it's one of my favorites once you can figure out what everything is. So take the picture above and imagine that she tilted back her head a little bit so that her eyes are hiding and you can only see her nose and mouth, that's what you can see here:

She's making a face, scrunching up her little mouth. Maybe she is trying to look like Nigel, or blowing a kiss. (If you are still having trouble seeing it: the light-colored round umbrella shape near the middle is her nose and beneath it is a downward-curved little scrunched-up mouth).

Yet another picture of her making faces, this time a profile. She is scrunching her mouth all the way up to her nose and puckering our her lips. It looks like she might be one of those kids who has to be making a crazy face in every single picture ever taken of her, just like her dad (see picture of Adam immediately below and to the right of the blog title):

And a 3/4 view of her face. That thing that looks like an octopus swallowing her is the umbilical chord:


I guess she was just tucked far enough back in my torso and low enough down in my pelvis that she couldn't be fully measured by the doctor because she definitely is not lacking in size!

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  1. Annie, I think its time I told you. I found your blog about a month ago and have been following it ever since. I love it! I am super excited for you and your new baby. You are going to be an amazing mom and Ella is going to be so cute. Congratulations!!