Playing Music for Ella

Yesterday evening it was getting dark and Adam was at work until late. I was laying on my bed with my laptop pulled right up next to my tummy with the speakers right next to Ella's head and I was playing for her beautiful music that I love. I could feel her squirming around and she had a mild case of the hiccups. There is a big window across from the bed and the sun was setting and rain was positively pouring down, so I just laid there and watched the rain and felt Ella dancing to the music and it was lovely!

I was mostly playing for her music from this album. I grew up listening to this CD and you know how when you hear songs that were played in your home growing up it just makes you feel content and calm? Yes, it was lovely.

Autumn is a fun time of year to make crafts. 
(That cute-faced boy collected these sticks and cut them for me so that I could put them on these pumpkin blocks. He's a good one.)

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