Michael Buble Christmas

I just bought this beautiful album and it is ridiculously wonderful! I plan to play it at least two hundred times before Christmas.

 Once again I am listening to Christmas music before Halloween.

But I have been having contractions for more than 24 hours now and they are just getting more awesomely body-wrenching every five minutes and so I've decided that that gives me permission to listen to whatever I feel like. And I am watching this movie to keep my mind off my screaming torso. 
Oh Sandra Bullock, I just think you are wonderful!


  1. Oh I wish I was listening to a Michael Buble Christmas and watching While You Were Sleeping. I love that movie. Though, I don't envy the screaming torso bit. It's exciting though! It means Ella will be here soon!!! Hang in there! =)

  2. When you're having contractions you can watch and listen to whatever you want to! Because I was induced I had a long labor and so Bryson and I had a Harry Potter marathon. It was awesome! And don't worry I'm listening to Christmas music before Halloween too so you're not alone! Good luck and I'm so excited for you!

  3. "screaming torso"
    You crack me up, Annie!