Sunny Storm

We were eating some Tillamook ice cream (I tell you, we're addicted) when it started to rain and thunder and lightning outside so we decided to sit out on the back porch and enjoy the storm; it was one of those storms where it's kind of sunny and stormy at the same time. We brought our computers out with us-- I searched blogs and Pinterest for good craft projects and Adam looked at his sports.

I love that you can see the red cliffs reflected in the glass-- aren't they beautiful?

 Since we now live in a place that has beautiful natural lighting (instead of the terrible lighting in our basement apartment) we've been trying to take more pictures of our life. Somehow, our attempts to capture the loveliness of the storm and the rainbow that followed it resulted in this picture (I kind of love it):

 Just over seven months (32 weeks)

And Ella's cute-faced dad:


  1. Ok, I love the photo of the two of you on your laptops...I can totally see myself and husband doing the same thing someday haha. And I also love your amazing scenery! Soak it in while you can.

  2. Haha, I love the picture that looks like you're singing and dancing in the rain. You look so great, even at 32 weeks pregnant! We love and miss you guys =)