I found some onesies on Pinterest (here and here) that I thought were super cute and as I looked at them I realized that they would be easy to make, so I made them. I used fabric interfacing, which is one of the most wonderful crafty things in this world, I think! These are newborn onesies, so they will be some of the first things Ella wears.

I learned how to make these little flowers here.

This is my favorite one:

I have a growing list of things I want to make for the Baby of Cuteness and so many of them required a sewing machine, I finally bought one from for $64 (yay for wonderful deals)! So most likely a lot of those crafts will end up on this blog.


  1. Look at you gettin' all crafty! I love it! Come enter my giveaway!

  2. These are great. You have nice taste. I like the last one the most too! Please put up more crafts asap!