My absolute favorite pet fish


Nigel's bowl sits on an island in the middle of the kitchen and I love having him there because as I flit around the kitchen, making dinner he follows me in his bowl. When I'm over at the stove he has his little nose pressed up to the side of his bowl nearest the stove, avidly watching every move I make. When I walk to the sink he swims as quickly as he can across his bowl so that he can press his nose up to the side of the bowl closest to the sink and keep on watching me. And when I come up right next to him and chop vegetables right beside his bowl, he goes out of his mind with excitement, dancing around and fluttering his fins insanely, never taking his eyes off the shininess of the knife.  

So, naturally, since I'm so obsessed with how funny this fish is I had to take some pictures of what he is like when I make dinner next to his bowl. I was making Honey Chicken Kabobs, and they turned out pretty yummy! 

Life as a fish must be pretty boring if watching me make dinner is so completely fascinating.

I know it's weird to be so in love with a pet fish, but how could anyone not love a fish that has such an adorable grumpy face and so much personality stuffed into his little purple body?

And yes, I just posted four pictures of the same fish in one post-- he's just that cute.

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  1. Annie- Your Nigel posts are some of my favorite. I don't think I've ever really appreciated Bettas til now