Blog Spotlight: A Dose of Lovely

There's been a trend in a lot of my posts, I have this desperate need to tell the world about blogs that I have discovered and fallen in love with. So we'll just make this a regular thing and I'll post blog spotlights every once in a while, is that a good idea? I would set a certain day to post these blog spotlights, but giving my blog posts a due date would suddenly make it seem like homework-- and then I would protest and never post any blog spotlights ever.

So here is the first official blog spotlight: A Dose of Lovely. This is an adorable fashion blog written by these gorgeous girls,  Isabel and Carissa. What I especially love about their outfits is that so much of their clothing is thrifted and they dress up the items so that they look ridiculously cute and trendy. They also feature products that they love and certain Etsy shops that sell cute vintage clothing and fun accessories. 

Check out a Dose of Lovely here.

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