My Future Home

I have this folder on my desktop called "My Future Home" and it is, just like it says, filled with pictures of ideas of things to do in my future home. I steal these pictures from other peoples blogs and a website called Apartment Therapy. I always think, "One day, I'll have a home of my own and the money and the time to decorate it, one day...." But this weekend I changed that.

I found that a common theme in a lot of the pictures of homes that I liked is a wall decked out in mismatched frames and mismatched pictures inside of the frames. I had a blank wall in my apartment that I wanted to cover, but I couldn't justify spending money on my decorating fancies, so I started looking around my apartment for frames and pictures to put into the frames.

And look at what I came up with!
I was about to start nailing randomly into the wall and hanging pictures up, but Adam stopped me in my tracks and carefully measured out everything, how high up the pictures should be, how far away from the bookcase, and it turned out much better than if I had done it.
Some of the random things I found in my apartment to hang up: an advertisement from Cupcake Chic (how cute is that cupcake postcard?), postcards I had in my journal, and watercolor paintings
A gorgeous card we got for our wedding from Laura Tait, and the label from a wrinkled Einstein Bagels bag. Adam thinks the Einstein Bagels bag thing is weird, but for some reason I love it! But I also like pictures of girls standing in corners holding birdcages, and that's not too normal either, so I think I like artwork that doesn't quite make sense.

I painted a few of the frames so that they would match the others. And hopefully I will find some more things around the apartment to add onto the mismatched frames wall.

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