Art is a wonderful thing

I know I am always posting art by artists that I am currently in love with, and non-art majors may not find posts like this very fascinating, even art majors may not find it interesting. I'm sorry. But I'm so in love with this artwork I simply cannot contain it inside myself, I have to share it or I might explode with excitement over how incredible these pieces are. For instance, here is the work of Skip Liepke, holy cow, how beautiful are these pieces? They are downright gorgeous!
Look at how he uses green in her skin-- GREEN! And how it contrasts with the pink.
The girls in his paintings have the rubiest lips and the palest skin.

I mean seriously, how gorgeous is this piece? Just the combination of colors and the contrast between her dark hair and pale skin. It's just a painting of a person, but it's so completely captivating. Adam says this one is creepy, which I can maybe see, but I think it's beauty outweighs its creepiness.
And the gorgeous, perfect strokes in this painting, they look careless but are so perfect. I can't get over Liepke's skills (as I'm sure you can tell by now).
And this is Jeremy Lipking. Absolutely lovely.
And Bernie Fuchs. I love his compositions.

Art is a wonderful thing.

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