The sweet little girl that I wasn't

I'm currently at home in Corvallis, visiting for a family reunion, a best friend's wedding, and to see my brother, Matthew, for the last time before he leaves on a mission for Brazil. I found these old family movies on my mom's computer and so I had to put a few up. This first one is me when I am four and I am singing a song. The lyrics are especially amazing, so be sure to listen to them. I'm sure you would never guess that I made them up all by myself and on the spot.

So, if you know me and my brother, Matthew (the one about to leave on a mission) you will know that we are very good friends and there is no one that can make me laugh as hard as he can. But our relationship has not always been the way it is now and these next two clips will reveal the relationship we used to have. To defend myself, here was my perspective when I was little: I was the only child, I had had the attention of my parents all to myself for three whole years and now this boy decided to invade on my perfectly wonderful life and steal away the attention of my parents. Before I even set eyes on this boy we were not off to a good start. My mom says that she would sometimes hear me arguing in the next room but no one else would be in that room with me. I would be saying things like, "Stop taking my O's!" (cheerios). So she would ask me "Who are you talking to?" and I would tell her "The Boy is trying to take my O's." I wouldn't even call him by his name, I called him "The Boy" for a long time! After he was born I told my mom that I was ready for his mommy and daddy to come out of her tummy and take him home. Basically, it was my responsibility to fight tooth and nail to prove my parents that I was by far their favorite child and that Matthew was not welcome. These next two videos will show you how hard I tried to achieve these things.

In this next one, notice how I send sweet smiles and giggles in the direction of my parents and try to disguise the slaps I am aiming at Matthew. Every time I start trying to beat Matthew up my Dad calls, "Let's see some beautiful dancing!"

Some proof that Matthew and I are, in fact, friends now:

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  1. Those are some awesome videos! Great singing, dancing and running around.