Annelise Jones Illustration

I created a website for my artwork:

As for the new picture at the top of the blog, it's far from great, but it's better than the last picture. No more double chins.

You may be wondering, why are the pictures at the top of my blog always pixelated? Well, that is because I love PhotoBooth on my mac, and it doesn't do high quality pictures.

I also am in love with the bottom section of the food pyramid. Today I ate toast and a bagel and a bread twist, some cereal, and some pizza- grains are delicious. When I'm not in love with the bottom section of the food pyramid, I'm in love with the top.

I also am in love with this cute blond haired blue eyed boy that lives in my apartment. 

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  1. I think your website is beautiful! It looks professional and clean. :) It really lets your work do the talking. I like that. Also, you should sell prints. Limited edition stuff like only 25 prints of each one or something like that. idk. I would buy them.